This page is for a discontinued feature. It only remains to document it.

Welcome to the YandereBank. This is used for many purposes, the main purpose is to try and keep inflation down.


For a one-time fee of 10 YanYen, you can open an account at the YandereBank. If your account runs dry of normal YanYen, it'll be closed on the 1st of any month and you will receive a fee of 10 YanYen. The bank will hold your EventYen until it is paid.

Contact an Admin+ to set up your account.


How does the bank make money?

The bank gets money 3 ways.

  • Account fees
  • Fines
  • The store

From Fines

Whenever you get a Warning, you must pay the bank YanYen. The amount is determined by the staff who warned you. Even your EventYen can be taken, if you don't have enough normal YanYen. If you don't have enough on you, YanYen in your bank account can also be taken, though, in this case the EventYen is not taken.

From the Store

Whenever you buy something from the Wiki on the store, the YanYen used is given to the bank.

What happens to the YanYen when the bank gets it?

The bank stores it and redistributes it over time.

How does that stop inflation?

It gets YanYen out of circulation for awhile and slows the creation of new YanYen.

Does the EventYen go back into circulation?

At times, the bank may sell EventYen it has collected. This basically exchanges a small amount of YanYen for a larger amount.

Can the YandereBank be Donated to?

Yes, and donating 100+ will give you a reward.

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