WARNING! this contains mention of child abuse, and other disturbing content users may find disturbing, user discretion is ADVISED

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Mason's childhood was going well, he had good grades as well as friends in elementary school until sixth grade that is. Mason's relationship with his family was going well, even though his parents barely spoke with him and his sister, he knows they cared about them both and gave them the world, he was very close with his sister, as well as his father however that ended after something between him and his father occured. His father noticed how well Mason was doing at school, he wanted to do something special but not just anything, due to Mason's early development stages his father wanted to, "play around" this led to an incestuous and pedophilic relationship. This went on for a week until Mason realized how wrong and messed up their relationship was. He asked his father if they could quit doing these things, but his father was angered by this. In fact he was so angered the situation escalated leading Mason to get raped, which his sister soon discovered and threatened to expose her father to the police. This lead to her to getting badly beaten and injured in the process, Eisuke was able to cover all this up from his wife with a ton of excuses, as well as blackmail towards Mason and Lucy, Something between Mason and Lucy also occurred causing Lucy to hate Mason, she enjoyed seeing her father do horrible things to Mason and it in fact went on for years until she eventually ran away at the age of 14. Mason's mother soon discovered about what Mason's father had been doing to him and came up with a plan to end it, find Lucy, and move away with Mason and Lucy to America. She planned to drive her husband to a secluded location and kill him, but Lucy had other plans in store. She rigged the car breaks causing her parents and Mason to get in a car accident killing both their parents and badly injuring Mason. Mason had nowhere to go, or had any idea of what to do when he escaped, so he hesitantly turned to prostitution since he felt the only thing he was good at is sex. Lucy was going to commit suicide out of guilt, however she soon learned that Mason survived she was relieved but frustrated and angered she soon greeted Mason after 4 years to make his life a living hell.


Mason is Male. He has brown redish hair comed to the side as well as yellow eyes with a constant blush. Due to being a pervert, he has no under shirt and his top shirt is open exposing his fully chiseled six-pack.


  • he walks into school.
  • he changes his shoes.
  • he goes to the back of the school and smokes(unless he has a "client" if so he will go into the bathroom with another student).
  • he attends class, but never pays attention.
  • he has lunch in the back of the school but he only has some chips.
  • he attends class, still not being attention.
  • He leaves the school.


  • Both of his parents died in a car accident.
  • He was sexually abused by his father from middle school to high school until the accident.
  • He is a prostitute and one of the perviest students in Akademi
  • He may be perv, but if you befriend him he will begin to open up to you.
  • He has a very muscular body due to going to the gym quite a lot, he believes this will please his "clients".
  • He's Japanese but his mother is American so he was given an American name
  • His older sister Lucy Major hates him and thinks he's completely and utterly useless and thinks of him as nothing more than just a sex toy. She assisted hear father when he was getting sexually abused and she ran away from their home when she turned 14. She was the one who caused the accident hoping to kill Mason and her parents, she returns to Akademi after her failure to make her brother's life a living hell
  • He sounds like this


Look, I forgot some condoms in the bathroom don't ask why, can you get them back for me? I'll due you a little favor if you do~
— His task
Oh, I see you're an innocent snowflake~
— if you reject his task
Hmm, you're a daring one
— If you accept his task
Hmm, good job, hit me up if you wanna have some fun with me~
— If you complete his task


Creator of the Hair pieces and the yes.


Haruko Shinozaki: Has a crush on him, he's the only person he has trusted and tends to be a bit pervy towards him, he's likely gonna end up in a love triangle with him and Sumato Shisoka

Mai Shinozaki: Has a strong hate for her

Lucy Major: His older sister. He has a strong hate and disgust for her however, he can never actually kill her, Lucy can also never actually kill him, if Mason dies she will go into a deep deppression feeling a lot of guilt and sadness eventually leading her to commit suicide.

Kisekae Code

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