Miki is an OC that belongs to ExcentricBread. Please ask them before using her.


Miki is a blonde, long haired girl with blue eyes. Her proportions are large for her age. She has her hair tied up in a ponytail with a little ahoge.


Miki is a devoted, kind, energetic, cheerful, kind, caring and hard-working girl. She gets loves animals and trusts people easily. She would do anything to help someone in need.


  • Eren Ippongo

Miki fell in love for Eren bc he always used to call her by her first name. She eventually got obsessed with him, but isn't willing to kill for him or anything.

  • Class 2-1

Class 2-1 see Miki in a good light and most of them respect her and are friends with her.

  • Takeda Hirozumi

Miki has a little brother that admires her so much that he aspires to become someone ike her in the future. Takeda is entering the school after the events of the game.


  • Miki loves animals.
  • Miki was abused by her Private Tutor when she was in Middle School.
  • Miki loves sweets, but sucks at baking.
  • Miki is an amazing cook.
  • Miki trusts people very easily.
  • Miki's parents hope she gets in a good college because they see how much she works.
  • Miki hates when people say that beign a class president is beign a teacher's pet.
  • Miki knows the school like if it was her hand.
  • Miki's parents are called Ken and Kizuna Hirozumi.
  • Miki's siblings are Takeda Hirozumi and Seiko Tsugoiyo.

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