Misaki Keki is the OC of Jlmc12345678910.




She has long dark purple hair with bangs that covers her left eye with light almost neon purple eyes and the classic occult club choker.




  • She walks into school while reading a book about the occult and changes her shoes when she walks in.
  • She walks to the occult club and helps Oka Ruto with any tasks necessary.
  • She goes to class 2-1.
  • She has lunch at the occult club.
  • She goes back to class during class time.
  • After school, she stays at the occult club and does club activities till 5:00
  • She changes her shoes, leaves the school building and heads home.


  • She is Oka Rutos assistant, who like Shin Higaku is in charge of the occult club when Oka is absent however, if both Shin and Oka are not in the club than that is when Misaki takes place.
  • She was the former friend of Aimi Miki, Aimi began to bully her after something happened between them and ended badly. Even thought Aimi bullied her, she still had romantic feelings for her, the only reason she even became friends with Aimi was because she loved her from the start and the fact that they became this way frustrated her.
  • She is actually bisexual, she is not yet comfortable with her sexuality and if you ask her about it it's likely she will deny it.
  • She has a dark sadistic side people don't know about.
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H-Hi.. um can you please get me my occult book, I sort of.. left it at the occult club..
— Her task
I-I see than..
— If you reject her task
Thanks for helping me..
— If you accept her task
Thank you very much.. let me know if you need help with anything..
— If you complete her task


To the creators of the hair pieces.


Aimi Miki: Her crush, she used to be bullied by her.

Kisekake Code



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