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Sniff dats my girl
Miyuki Hoshizuku
Student Info
Role Unknown
Class 1-2
Club Science
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown
Voice me


Miyuki has a decent height, standing at 5'9. She wears her hair in a ponytail which splits and really long, unkept strands coming out. There are two more coming from her head. Miyuki has pink eyes that are a bit brighter then most shades of pink. Miyuki wears the sweater vest uniform with a slighly longer black skirt. She wears shorts under haha no panty shots. wip i'm not good


Miyuki is a overall shy girl who wants people to think neutrally about her. She rarely engages in conversations unless it's with club members or people she knows, and often responses with body movements instead of speaking. She often isolates herself to avoid comments from people who don't know her. She still tries to talk occasionally, but ends up saying gibberish and random, run on sentences. To people who do know her, she isn't much different, but she can open up and talk way more, and much easier. And normally.


When Miyuki was younger, she had a normal life, mostly. Her brother would call her mean names and insult her, which ended up making her think that everyone thought that, which ended up making her not want to speak to people and become antisocial. He mostly only insulted her because he wanted to be and only child, and didn't like the idea of Miyuki being around, so he insulted her in hopes that she would end up running away, or doing something that led to him being the only child. He ended up dying from getting hit by a car a few years ago, which didn't affect her very much. Her family ended up moving to get her into a new school, (mostly because her school didn't teach up to the grade she was going to) and wew now she's in akademi.


None. Feel free to message me ((Sekiranun)) on my message wall to discuss friends. Or in the comments.

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