Momoko Emi (桃 笑) is an OC made by Sunshine Productions™


Well, it's not that long before. Momoko was a sweet, kawaii girl from a town that wants to be like anyone,too. But aftera huge murder approach Momoko's school and in that day, she was absent. Then the school closed, and she had to move to Buraza Town, alone by herself. That's why.

But some people keep suspending her as the killer, since no one knows who the killer. They even say they witness her flying as a fairy, attacking students in the hallway.That makes her rep turns worse. But who cares? It's just a myth! Right?


Said to be a fairy, but hey, no doofus could believe such a myth!


She have light pink middle short hair with a bow on top. She has blue eyes. Her bust size is 1.01. In the future, her design may change.


coming soon!


coming soon!


Here's what she likes and dislikes:


  • Cooking
  • Cats
  • Friends


  • Solitude
  • Occult
  • Gossip
  • Violence


  • Drama
  • Video Games
  • Money


Minto Shinnamon

They are best friends, though Momoko likes to annoy Minto sometimes.


  • Her name means Peach lol.

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