This is an oc made by CeejayTheCrazyDJ, use her with his permission.


Murasa Kino has dark purple hair with pink streaks in her hair. Murasa also has blue-ish pink-ish eyes with dark eyelids. She also has Purple stockings with Red stipes.


Murasa is a Coward, she wont witness murder unless it takes place in the art room, When you first kill someone while she is painting, she will ignore it. But if you kill someone in front of her while she mourns her dead dog, Milkshake, she will still ignore as she is too sad to witness, but if you kill someone infront of her while she is trying to be happy, she will act on her personality and swear she wont tell anyone


*Her name means purple in japanese (google translate)

*If anyone wants to add students to poplearn, I will allow them unless its a joke charecter or a mary-sue,

*Milkshake is a crossbreed of a chihuahua and a shiba inu,



Milkshake is her dog who died by walking into a fire, She still holds her dogs jar of ashes.

Mrs Kino

Mrs kino is her mom, she helps murasa by giving her a stress ball because Murasa can be really stressed.

Mr kino

Mr kino is her dad, He gives Murasa 12 yen to buy her bento


Her playing with her stress ball

Murasa playing with her stress ball

Murasa Kino-0

Her portrait.