Part 1

Budo was frustrated.

The Martial arts club was going to get shut down.

Why? Because the sponsor moved away to America.

"I better tell the club" said Budo so softly you could barely hear it "but the club will become heart broken because of this"

Then he saw yan~chan covered in some red stuff hold a knife with red stuff on it to

And there was Saki following her and she looked depressed.

"Creepy" whispered Budo

The bell rang it was time to tell the club

He began by walking then jogging then eventually running

Then he bumped into a dark blue haired girl

"" said the girl

And then he realized that It was Oka Ruto

Part 2

"I'm so sorry Oka!" Said Budo

Suddenly he for the first time realized how cute she was

"It's...okay....Budo" said Oka shyly "Hey....Budo....I was want to....participate in the...Occult clubs .... I heard..about your....soon...."

"How do you know this?!" Said Budo who we trying to be calm

"I heard talk earlier from the....twins...." said Oka

"You mean the Baso Sisters?" Said Budo.

"Yeah....." said Oka 

"Well anyway....I was wondering.....if you could......protect us from evil spirits......yan~chan had a we think.....that....demons have possessed....the club.....and we need protect us......" said Oka

"This is perfect!" thought Budo "I can delay the process of telling the club!"

"I'll do it!" Said Budo 

"Great....anyway....please...follow the Occult club..." said Oka

Part 3

Budo followed Oka to the Occult club.

It was mysterious there where upside down pentagrams

"Why do I need you to protect you from demons. If you summoning a demon?" Said Budo

"In case things go wrong" said Oka who now seemed more confident around Budo