PotatoKun Portrait
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Potato
Class Unknown
Club Cooking
Age 2 weeks
Persona Tasty
Crush Senpai
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Potato-kun is a rival in Yandere Simulator 2D.


Potato-kun is a potato that's tasty and has a crush on Senpai.


Potato-kun is a normal looking potato.


From the day he was bought by Senpai's mom at Ritoru Shop for Senpai's lunch, he's had a crush on him. The day Senpai was supposed to eat him, he dropped his lunch and Potato-kun rolled under a bench. A day later, a teacher found him and was going to throw him in the trash, but a student came saying someone had been killed. At last, Potato-kun was free from under the bench and now needs to find Senpai to confess his love.

He was soon attacked by a bird, he let out a scream and the only person who could hear him was Aina Nakano. Aina saved him from the bird and became his best friend.

Awhile later, he ran into his cousin, Pumpkin-chan, who had been purchased from Ritoru Shop by Koibita Kobacho. The two caught up and began hanging out like they did back on the farm.


When his week takes place is not announced.

However, it does take place some time after the Cooking club president's week as she plays a role in one of his eliminations.

It also takes place after Oka's week since she can play a decently large on the week and influence some actions of Koibita and Pumpkin-chan.

It may never be revealed since his week isn't technically canon to the story.



He has a crush on Senpai and was going to be eaten by him.

Senpai's Mom

He considers her a friend for introducing him to Senpai. Though, his mom has no clue Potato-kun is alive.

Aina Nakano

A bird tried to eat Potato-kun and Aina drove it away. After that they were totes BFFs.

Koibita Kobacho



Pumpkin-chan is Potato-kun's cousin.


  • He's the first rival to be a food.
  • He can somehow fly in material un-canon to the game.
  • Potato-kun has his own Twitter. Link
  • For an unknown reason, Potato-kun loves ducks.



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