Potato Games™ is a gaming company in Jackboog21's Universe. They have worked along side Boog Tech.™ for several games.


  • Potato Daze - An episodic game about a guy with cyan hair that must pick between loving a potato or a human girl.
  • Potadere Simulator - A game staring Potadere-chan, a girl who must kill to win the heart of her Tatopai.
  • The Legend of Potato - A game about a potato that saves his prince. Game developed by Potato Games™ with help from Boog Tech.™.
  • Pumpkin's Quest - Another game developed by Potato Games™ with help from Boog Tech.™. Not much is known about the game yet. Rumored to star a pumpkin.


  • Potato-Pumpkin-Salad-chan-kun - An anime about a giant robot made of food. Co-produced with Boog Tech.


  • Potato's Story - A novel published by the company. It is a prequel to Potato Daze.

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