Programming (Club)
Student Info
Formed Unknown
President Takashi Fujimoto
Vice President Bosenga Fujimoto
Government Democracy
Benefit A laptop with several game engines installed. Has a webcam which can be used to help spy.
Accessory Unknown
Purpose/Goal Create video games.

Programming is a fan club. The president is Takashi Fujimoto.

The club is very democratic and has a vote for deciding on what to do next.

The club's perk is a laptop which has a webcam on it that Yandere-chan can use to spy with. The club's main goal is to create games.

The club was founded 2 years ago and had many members, however, they all graduated leaving Takashi as the only person at the time. But do to a deal the former president made with The Headmaster, the club is still allowed to exist for another 2 years.

Later Ryota decided to join the club.