Puruno Raifugado
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student (Rival)
Class ???
Club  ???
Age 18
Persona Heroic
Crush Taro Yamada (Senpai)
Strength Very strong
Appears Unknown

Puruno Raifugado is a female student rival.


Concept art of Puruno (originally named Puri) had her with dark purple hair in a straight, sideway style. She has the default uniform, but with longer sleeves. Her stockings were in a waves form with shades of blue. Her shoes were aquamarine blue.




  • Puruno's first portrait was made by Xenpai and given by XxMeowzersxX.
  • Puruno's second portrait was made by Pixel Sheikah.
    • The hair was designed by Mougeki Mero.
  • Puruno's original name was supposed to be Puri, but it was retranslated into puru no raifugado, which means "pool lifeguard" in Japanese.


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