Ren Osaki
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class 2-2
Club Light Music Club
Age 17
Persona Social Hero
Crush Hotaru Tsuchiyama
Strength Fights back-weak
Appears Unknown


Ren has the Social Hero Persona.Students with this persona will run to the nearest group and call the police and wait it out. If a second murder is committed, they act as a hero, attempting to apprehend the murderer. If they saw only one murder the last day, they will immediately apprehend the murderer the next time they see murder take place, regardless of the amount of times. They refuse to talk to the murderer if they witnessed only 1 murder.




Hotaru Tsuchiyama : His childhood friend and crush. Though he may not act like it, he can get fairly jealous when he sees Hotaru talking to someone else. His nickname for Hotaru is Hota-chan, which usually pisses Hotaru off, because the -chan honorific.





MMD Hotaru and Ren- K.I.L.L02:18

MMD Hotaru and Ren- K.I.L.L.-0

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