Mikachi Rin
Student Info
Role Little sister
Occupation (Only appears if specified)
Class 1-1
Club Martial Arts
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Osoro Shidesu
Strength Strong
Appears  ???
Games ???
Voice ???

Rin Mikachi is a student at Akademi High.


Rin transfered to Akademi under mysterious circumstances

Is in the martial arts club

Is almost always seen with her older brother


Rin's the younger sister of Takuto Mikachi, whom she constantly clings to. Her parents divorced when she was 12, and the custody battle resulted in the mother taking Rin with her to Tokyo and their father taking Takuto. This resulted in Rin, very rarely getting to see her big brother, much to the small girl's dismay.

Rin would grow up with her mother's new husband and step siblings, though she didn't like comunicating with them all that much. She would constantly cry and throw tantrums, wanting to see her big brother. Her temper tantrums became so bothersome, her mother would spoil her to keep her quiet. This usually worked for about 5 minutes. She'd study at a private school in Tokyo, making very few friends. She'd be jealous if she saw people hanging out with their siblings as she never had the chance to even contact her own

While her mom originally planned to enroll her in a High School in Tokyo, Rin's tantrums had become too much and she was finally allowed to attend Akademi High School, the school her older brother was attending. She had snuck up on him during lunch and would at random hug him. From that moment on she'd spend as much time as possible with Takuto and be in a pretty bad mood if he spent time with anyone else.

Due to her cute frame, large bust and sweet airheaded nature, she has become fairly popular among the freshmen at the school. she tends to be clueless if boys flirt with her, assuming they're being friendly in a weird way. She always hides behind her brother, being too shy to even want to interact with others


Rin has messy cyan hair kept mostly in a large unkempt ponytail. She wears a hot pink butterfly hair clip Her eyes are crimson red. She is at times seen with Make up but her brother doesn't want her attracting unnecesarry attention from other boys. She wears the fifth uniform(black blazer), with long white stockings. When attending club meetings a headband and a karate suit.

She has fair skin and is of average height. She has scar on her arm from when she fell off her bike, at age 6 and needed to get stitches. She also has a large bust.

Outside of school she always wears cute and very flashy dresses.



  • 7:30-9:30 - Rin arrives at school, hugging her brothers arm, and maybe shooting a few glares at Oka Ruto. She runs to her locker quickly, to change into her indoor shoes, before dragging her brother to the roof.
  • 8:30-1:00 - She will go to class 1-1, arriving at 8:24, due to first following her brother to his class, wanting to be sure he gets there safely.
  • 1:00-1:30 - She retrieves two boxes of lunch that she prepared at home. The small is for herself, the huge one is for her brother, whom she always cooks too much for.
  • 1:30-3:30 - She will again follow her older brother to class, insisting on making sure he gets there safely, before running to her own
  • 3:30-5:00 - She will be at the light Martial Arts club, waiting for her older brother to finish his meeting at the Student council, so they can go home together.


Rin's task is to find her necklace, which was given to her as a gift from Takuto when she graduated middle school. She will be very distraught until its found


Rin's persona is a mix of social butterfly, damsel and coward. She will smile and strike a cute pose, if a camera is pointed at her. However, unlike canon girls, her pose will be different each time. When witnessing murder she will either run to a crowded area hoping she'll be safe, or she will crying to her big brother for protection. She will refuse to speak to Yandere-chan, promising to keep her secret, and not invoke her wrath. If Yandere-chan keeps trying to speak to her, she'll run to Takuto and cry for help


Rin is very energetic and cheerful, enjoying being as social as possible. However she'd prefer to just spend a lot of time with her older brother, Takuto. She constantly clings to him and becomes very upset if he won't spend time with her and her alone.

While she's usually friendly and sweet, she will be rude to people who either insult Takuto or steals his attention. She always waits outside the council room, so they can walk home together. She's not fond of sharing.

She's kind of an airhead and pretty naive. This, combined with her kind nature, leads her to be sort of a class idol. Girls are pretty nice to her and boys tend to flirt with her, much to her older brothers dismay.

She's a rich kid in the end and is not above random temper tantrums if something does not go her way



Takuto Mikachi - Rin's older brother. Rin is very clingy and dependent on him. She only recently transfered to Akademi, due to not having seen him for years and wanting to spend time with him. She gets mad if people talk ill about him or flirts with him. She even sleeps and takes baths with him at home, being all around as clingy as possible

Canon Characters

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  • Rin (リン) can have various meanings, such as "dignified", "severe", or "cold".
  • She really loves spicy food, especially if no one else can handle eating it
  • She cooks way too much for her older brother



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