Rivals are the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. In the future, there will be ten rivals for the ten weeks of Story Mode, with one rival appearing each week.[1] They have not been fully implemented yet, but will later be introduced in a video once an artist has created high quality illustrations of all the rivals.[2]

They are the most important people to eliminate, as they all have a crush on Senpai. If the rival is not eliminated by the end of their week, they will confess their love to Senpai under the Confession Tree behind the school on Friday, and Yandere-chan will be left heartbroken. A girl confessing to a boy underneath a cherry tree is a cliché in anime and will be drawn upon in the game.[3] Each rival in the game is an anime archetype,[4] inspired by popular concepts and stereotypes. However, not every one of them is based on a "dere" archetype.[5]

In the current debug build, there are no actual NPCs who function like proper rivals, so there is no way to win the game yet. In the full game, they will not be in the school until their week comes.[6] Each rival will be introduced via a cut-scene conversation with Info-chan.[7] The rivals for weeks two to ten will each have a reason for not coming to the school for the previous weeks of the game. They will also have a short cut-scene that shows how they met Senpai and why they are attracted to him.[8] Some of the cut-scenes will be humorous to balance out the other dark elements of the game.[9]

Senpai will not fall in love with girls of his own accord. He will start to develop a crush on a rival if she has five interaction events with him. There will be one "event" with Senpai each day, with the final event being a love confession. It is possible for Yandere-chan to sabotage each event.[10]

Even though the main object of their desire is Senpai, all rivals will have a secondary crush on another male student. This allows the main character to matchmake every rival with their suitor as a way of eliminating them.[11] If the player chooses to make Senpai female, then Yandere-chan and Senpai will be lesbians and all of the rivals will be bisexual.[12]

Every rival will wear special stockings to make themselves stand out[13] and will have unique panties[14] that suit their personality.[15] In the future, rival hairstyles and accessories might be unlocked after beating the game once.[16] YandereDev has considered the idea of allowing the player to dress up as any of the rivals after eliminating them.[17]

As the game progresses, each rival is more difficult to defeat than the previous one, sometimes because of popularity.[18]

Rivals are seen outlined in red in Yandere Vision, although this outline might have other identifications, as traumatized students also have a red aura.

The rivals will be able to realize that the player is stalking them, and react accordingly.[19] However, they will never know that they have competition for Senpai.[20]

Test Rivals

NOTE: These rivals are only for testing and are unlikely to be rivals in the final game. Currently, there have only been three test rivals.


Rival-chan uses Osana Najimi's old model, so they are often confused with each other. Rival-chan only exists to test the red rival outline of Yandere Vision and to stand in for Osana.


Victim-chan was the first test rival. Her looks were meant to resemble the first rival, Osana Najimi. She was eventually removed from the game.

Kokona Haruka

Kokona Haruka is the current test rival. Although she might not be an actual rival in the final game, she is being used to test elimination methods. As shown above, she has a crush on Senpai, so Yandere-chan has a reason to eliminate her - however, eliminating her will not win the game. The player will still lose at the end of the week since she is not programmed in as an "official rival".

Since so much work has been put into her, she may become an official rival. If she does, then she will become the president of the Drama Club.[21] YandereDev has stated if she becomes the Drama Club President, she will become a lot less "likeable".

Story Mode Rivals


All rivals have been planned out[22] with official rival designs since February 2016.[23] Back in late November 2015, an artist had created full-body illustrations for every rival character. YandereDev asked for a few modifications, and then promised that he would officially reveal all of them.[24] Only Oka Ruto and the Substitute Nurse currently exist in the game.

Osana Najimi

Osana Najimi will be the first rival in the full game.[28] NOTE: The character who stands under a cherry tree is "Rival-chan". Osana will be a completely different character.

Her AI is currently incomplete, so she cannot be interacted with. Furthermore, YandereDev needs dozens of male and female animations before he can add in Osana.[29] Because of this, the player cannot beat the game, and will always lose on Friday at 6:00 PM due to Osana confessing her love to Senpai. She was originally shown in the first intro to be Senpai's childhood friend and a tsundere.

In the second intro, her tsundere tendencies and her background as Senpai's childhood best friend are not mentioned in the slightest. However, YandereDev says that her character concept has not changed.[30]

Yandere Dev has also mentioned that Osana may be the tutorial rival.

Cooking Club President

Main Article: Cooking Club President

The president of the Cooking Club is a planned rival. She is a warm, gentle, kind-hearted girl. She is a "big sister" or "onee-chan" type character.[4]

Drama Club President

Main Article: Drama Club President

The president of the Drama Club, who will be the third rival in the full game, and was always meant to have fancy purple hair. Kokona might become this rival.[21] She will be a kamidere.[31]

Sports Club Leader

Main Article: Swim Team Captain

The swim team captain is a planned rival. She will be perpetually positive and energetic, and can be described as a 'Genki Girl'.[4]

Oka Ruto

Oka Ruto will be a rival in the full game, although she does not currently function as one. She is the founder and president of the Occult Club. She is also a cross between the Hex Maniac from Pokemon: X and Y, Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Tomoko from WataMote.[32]

Substitute Nurse

Main Article: Substitute Nurse

A substitute nurse is a planned rival.[35] Her character trait is unintentional sexual innuendos.[36] She is pure and innocent.[37] The official nurse will be on vacation during her week as a rival.[38] She will disappear from the school after her week is over, even if she is eliminated peacefully.[39]

Substitute Teacher

Main Article: Substitute Teacher

A substitute teacher is a planned rival. The teacher's trait is intentional sexual innuendos,[36] and she will be sultry and seductive.[37] She can be called upon by a Teacher's Pet if they discover a corpse or witness a murder. Yandere-chan will be able to matchmake her with a student.[40] She will disappear from the school after her week is over, even if she is eliminated peacefully.[39]

Delinquent Rival

Main Article: Delinquent Rival

A delinquent is a planned rival. Although she will not be evil,[43] it is known that she has been suspended from school for something gravely serious. Not only that, but she is the most dangerous girl in school.[42]

She is the leader of a gang, and she always has her cronies nearby.[44]

Senpai's Sister

Main Article: Senpai's Sister

Senpai's little sister will be the eighth or ninth rival in the full game.[45] Her appearance has been updated as of November 28th, 2015.[46] She does not lust after her brother, but loves him so much that she does not want him to get a girlfriend. She wants all of his attention.[47] She is said to be one year younger than Senpai[48] and two school years behind him.[49]

Student Council President

Main Article: Student Council President

The Student Council President is the tenth rival in the full game. She will be a lot like Nayuta from Yumina the Ethereal VN.[51] She will also be a strict disciplinarian.[52]

1980s Mode Rivals

Main Article: 1980s Mode

Like Story Mode, there will be ten rivals, with one appearing each week.[53] They will be created out of pre-existing assets instead of original designs.[54]

The rivals in 1980s Mode will have a crush on Yandere-chan's father. This is because the player character of that mode will be the yandere from the Mysterious and Basement Tapes, who is Yandere-chan's mother. Yandere-chan's father is also Yandere-chan's mother's senpai.

Phantom Girl

She is the only known rival at the moment. However, she might be killed in the intro animation of the mode, instead of her elimination being left up to the player.[55]

Endless Mode Rivals

In Endless Mode, the game will randomly generate a rival each week for an unlimited number of weeks until Yandere-chan gets caught. The player will have to stalk Senpai until they identify the newest rival.[7] They will not have special stockings. They will have the normal functions of a rival, and the player will be able to eliminate them the same way as any rival in Story Mode.

Possible DLC Rivals

YandereDev has stated that he might consider creating DLC rivals in 2014. These rivals would either be non-canon, or would require unique coding to be implemented.[56] It is unknown if this idea is still planned, as it is two years old.

Possible DLC rivals include:

  • A rookie police woman.
  • A pair of twins.
  • Another yandere girl.
  • A magical girl [57]
  • Midori Gurin (armed with knowledge from constantly asking YandereDev stupid questions)
  • Kokona Haruka

Possible Halloween themed DLC rivals include:

  • A succubus.
  • Phantom Girl.
  • A shape shifter.

Planned Elimination Methods

As of now, only some of the elimination methods are implemented. Kokona is a test rival for all of them. These elimination methods include:

Currently Implemented


  • Matchmaking
  • Rejection
  • A secret peaceful elimination method that has not been revealed yet[58]
  • Possibly hanging[59]
  • Strangulation[60]
  • Courting (though this may have been removed)[61]

There will be 15 elimination methods that will work on all 10 rivals. Each rival will also have one unique elimination method[62] that is restricted to only them.[63] In fact, it is possible that in the full game some methods will be tied to scripted events which only involve the rival.[64] The rivals were built around their elimination methods.[65]

Once a rival has been eliminated non-lethally, they become a regular NPC and all "normal NPC interactions" become available to them.[66]

The player will not be able to threaten or intimidate rivals, only directly eliminate them one way or another.[67] Blackmail will not be available either because the game is about taking direct action against Yandere-chan's rivals.[68]


  • At one point, there was an elimination method that was similar to tampering with the school diving boards so that the rival would smash their face into the ground, but it was criticized for being "too Looney Tunes."[69]
  • In the future, killing a rival early will allow the player to skip forward to the next week.[70]
  • There is an old post detailing all ten of the rivals.[71] Although outdated, some information has persisted and remained in the game's plan, such as Osana Najimi and the substitute nurse.
    • There is a page that shows most likely outdated designs of a few of the rivals. The artist mentions that they are subject to heavy change, as well. YandereDev linked to the page in older comments on here.
  • A car bomb would be an appropriate way to eliminate one particular rival, but this is not very yandere-like.[72]
  • Certain rivals may be capable of self-defense, but not Osana Najimi, since she is a "tutorial" rival.[73] Some rivals are the type of person who would catch a knife if it was thrown at them, even if their back was turned. The Substitute Nurse and Substitute Teacher, however, are not.[74][75]
  • Only two rivals will ever directly confront Yandere-chan,[20] and they, including a third rival who can defend herself, will fight in manners completely different from one another.[76]
  • Koharu Hinata had a crush on Senpai in the September 18th, 2015 Build, and was, therefore, a rival. This mistake changed with the October 8th, 2015 Update.
  • All of the rivals will be on good terms with Senpai. If he sees them covered in blood, he will not assume they committed a crime. If one of the rivals is arrested, Senpai will be in disbelief, but he will have no way to overturn the evidence against her and will be powerless to help her.[77]
  • It will be impossible to get rid of one rival to instantly cause the elimination of another.[78]
  • Each rival's birthday will fall on a different month of the year.[79]
  • YandereDev released a parody of a popular Christmas song on December 26, 2014, which contained two possible rival names: Miyuki-chan and Sadako-chan.
    • YandereDev later revealed that he only used those names because he thought they were common, generic Japanese names.[80]
    • YandereDev also revealed he wants names that reference who the character is. For example, Senpai's childhood friend is named Osana Najimi because osananajimi (幼なじみ) means "childhood friend" in Japanese.[81]
  • There was originally going to be a short loli rival, but YandereDev is opposed to the idea now because of all the work and problems it would create.[82]
  • If the rivals were in Hogwarts, most of them would be Gryffindor.[83]
  • Only rivals will have dark secrets, not regular NPCs,[84] with the exception of certain characters like The Journalist.
    • Pregnancy may be one of the rivals' dark secret.[85]
  • If the rivals have siblings, they do not attend Akademi High School.[86]
  • Some of the rivals are intended to be likable people who do not deserve to die, possibly making the player feel some guilt for whatever they do to them.[87]
  • YandereDev's current plan as of January 14th, 2016 does not include a rival who Info-chan will refuse to help kill or torture.[88]
  • Implementing the ability to disguise as a rival is very tricky, so it cannot be guaranteed.[89]
  • YandereDev is considering the old idea of taking trophies from rivals, but it is low priority.[90]
  • YandereDev likes the idea of breaking into a rival's home and smashing her possessions, but this would only happen if a small town is added.[91]
  • Killing a rival who is also a club leader will not shut down the club; each club that contains a rival in it will have one more person in it than usual so that it can stay open even though someone died.[92]
  • Each rival's personality will be demonstrated through unique animations that other NPCs do not possess. Similarly, they will also react to the player's presence in ways that other NPCs do not.[93]


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