Robot-chan (Placeholder Name) is an upcoming student who will attend Akademi High School. Currently, her appearance has only been shown in a video. 

Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class Unknown
Club Science Club
Age Unknown
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown


Robot-chan wears the default school uniform.

Robot-chan has short teal hair and dark teal eyes. Robot ears stick out of her head. 


In the future, Robot-chan will be apathetic if she witnesses homicide.


As she is unimplemented, her routine is unknown.


  • There are rumors that she, herself is a robot.
  • Druelbozo has stated that her hair was difficult to make.
  • At one point in development, YandereDev thought of having a robot student that could only appear through a cheat-code. It is unknown if Robot-chan became this idea.



A Model By Druelbozo


Her Silhouette Is On The Far Right

Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator

Turning Her Almost 180 Degrees

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