Ryota Akio is an OC made by Kawaii Derp.

Warning: This page mentions suicide, if that offends you, please leave this page.


Ryota is a female student at Akademi High School. Despite her masculine name, she is a female and is more feminine than masculine. She has a bad reputation around students for her odd behavior.


Ryota has a navy colored bob haircut with bangs. She wears a white bow behind her head. She wears the default school uniform unless customized. She wears white pantyhose. She has a small bust.


Ryota is known for her weird and unpredictable behavior. She speaks in third person sometimes, and likes to make intimidating comments to people to freak them out, sometimes she'll go out of her way to make people freaked out or just to annoy them. Ryota can be unpredictable with her behavior, sometimes cussing people out, sometimes appearing cute and cheerful. She seems to have a complex opinion about love, sometimes hating it, sometimes wanting to have it. She used to be in many clubs, however for some reason she has stayed in the programming club for some unknown reason. In the programming club, she often makes games about dark themes, such as having the player commit suicide in the game to win.


Takashi Fujimoto: Often tries to annoy him in the club. She doesn't mess with him as much as other student as she doesn't want to get kicked out of the club. She often votes against what he want's to do in the club to annoy him. She also tell's him about her games to freak him out.

Trivial Facts About The Character

  • Due to her behavior, the Occult Club thinks she is taken over by a demon.
  • Ryota knows how to speak english and german decently enough.
  • She is okay at programming simple games, since she is in the Programming (Club).
  • One of the reasons why she joined the programming club was to trick Takashi into thinking a male student would join his club
  • Ryota Akio means "Thick/Refreshing bright boy" in english.

Trivial Facts About The Development Of The Character

  • The character was made because the creator wanted to make a character that would not have many positive relationships with other OC's.
  • The character was such anti sue that the creator had to give her trivial facts such as being decent at programming without it being her most studied subject and having knowledge on how to speak multiple languages, however the creator wanted Ryota to not have that much special skills that would effect her physically.

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