please ask me if you wanna use my pervy bby!!!


Sayaka has an extremely innocent face, and is quite small at 5"0. She has red shoulder length hair, which is usually quite messy because she stays up watching hentai and shit. She attempts to keep it up with a little bow. Sayaka has light gray eyes, and seems to be influenced by the Kogal fashion, judging by her clothes.


Sayaka is a rather shy person, and she dislikes attention. This causes her to be perceived as really innocent and cute. These perceptions are wrong. She truthully is really perverted, and has a ton of body pillows. She has a good sense of humour, albeit immature and perverted. Her perverted side will show when she is close to somebody, if she isn't she'll just be really kind, timid and innocent.

She is quite curious, and will try stopping the murderer through investigating. However, she will not try doing this if her brother Erey will not help her. If he does not help, she will become clingy to him in case of murder.

She is a closeted lesbian. However, this is used for jokes in RPs because it is very obvious to the point of comic relief.


Erey Ippongo

Sayaka is the closest with him out of all of her siblings, as they watch The Nutshack together. He taught her how to play the nutshack too. She is rather clingy to him in case of murder and/or low atmostphere.

Ryuto Ippongo

They don't talk a lot but Sayaka likes to accuse Ryuto of popping the gel inserts on her body pillows.

Tatsu Ippongo

Like Ryuto, they don't talk a lot. However, they have a rather good relationship.


  • She has a pet duck called "Sir Citrus Wakaneriatteo", named after a seme in a random yaoi comic.
  • She plays the piano.
  • Knows...stuff... about her parents.
  • Enjoys Bible Black.
  • Has a chocolate addiction.
  • She has limited psychic ability???
  • Has a secret obsession with Love Live! and uses her dad's credit card to order the figures.

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