Shuziko Maka is an OC by Jlmc12345678910


Shuziko is female. She has curly blonde hair with straight bangs covering some of her face. Due to being in the gardening club, she wears the classic white flower, she also has blue eyes and glasses with straight short white socks as well as the default school unifrom unless customized.


  • Walks into school with Mai Shinozaki.
  • Changes shoes.
  • Goes to gardening club and does gardening work.
  • Goes to Class 2-1.
  • Has lunch in gardening club with Mai Shinozaki.
  • goes to class 2-1.
  • After school, she does club activities until 5:40.
  • Leaves school


  • Shuziko is the best friend of Mai Shinozaki she dosn't know much about his brother Haruko Shinozaki, however she thinks he is "creepy"
  • She is not aware of Mai's incestuous attractions towards her brother.
  • Shuziko loves nature, she hopes to one day become a biologist and learn more of the world and its cretures.
  • She is the smartest girl of class 2-1 and some say, the school with currently a gpa of 4.0
  • She lives with her father after her parents had a divorce.
  • She is a kind and caring student, and has a big sister like personality.
  • She is a waitress at Pistachio's Cafe which she works at after school.




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Haruko Shinozaki: Doesn't like him to much, believes he is creepy and stalkerish.

Mai Shinozaki: Her best friend, cares about her deeply

Kisekae Code

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