Slamby is a robot character from Yandairy Simulator: Clash of the Senpei's (2045).



Slamby is a robot created by the company "Saikou." When the CEO of Saikou was asked "why," he refused to give an answer, other than "he's not inspired by the hit game, Nier: Automata."

Slamby has white anime hair, man boobs, a fupa, and legs that go all the way up. He is the second character created by Chariot Dude to wear cargo shorts, yet the first to wear black cargo shorts. He wears a black blindfold because he can see with his mind, also he has black gloves and black stiletto shoes. He wears stars to cover his robo-nips, as he is not obscene as many believe him to be.


Slamby one, bad guys zero.
— Slamby
Slamby is a childish yet down-to-earth android that takes the appearance of a young man, even though he is 40. Just kidding, He's 2. His main goal in life is to win.

As he mentions in his romance route in hot love, the 22nd game in the yandairy series, his favorite food is bathwater and toast.

Slamby has the Slamb persona, meaning that if he witnesses a murder, he will attack the murderer with a samurai sword. If he discovers a corpse, he will ignore it, waiting for someone else to deal with it.

Slamby is the biggest obstacle in the game, as he is difficult to befriend, and does not abide by the rules of the school. He will not stand still for Yamagutchi-Chan to take a photo of him, even if she is in the photography club. Even if she manages to get a photo, Infor-chin cannot find any information on him. Even worst of all, Slambsy is the strongest student in school, he can fight 30 toddlers at once.

Should you manage to befriend him, however, you will have a friend for life, as he is fiercely loyal.


slamb dont caare
— Slamby, when receiving a compliment
Last time, Slamby will NOT put on shirt!
— Slamby, when receiving too much compliments
Not on my watch, kid!
— Slamby, when witnessing a murder
Someone else will clean that up
— Slamby, when discovering a corpse
Slamby also carry weapon at school
— Slamby, when approached with a weapon
— Slamby, when asked a favor

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