This character belongs to LenLawliet. Please ask for permission before using his OC.

Sohaku Homan
Student Info
Role Student
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club None
Age 17
Persona Coward
Crush None
Strength Undefined
Appears Unknown


Sohaku is a second year at Akademi High School and a member of a special delinquent gang. She lives with her sister and her mother. She is from a rather wealthy family and Merissa, being the eldest child and was forced to work constantly. This caused Sohaku to be ignored by her parents and caused her to become a loner, only relying on her sister for anything.


She has sharp green eyes and messy black hair. She wears the default uniform unless changed by the player. She has pale and skinny to the point she looks sick.




  • Merissa Homan
    • Her older sister of whom she's never really spent a whole lot of time with as a child. Merissa was always to busy being pressured into being the perfect child. Despite this, she still loves deeply cares about her little sister and won't hesitate to put Sohaku before herself.

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