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Starstar is a pale female face on a blue star with spiky blue hair, her nose and eyes are completely blue, as well as her mouth. She sometimes wears a flower crown on the highest point of her star.


An image of Starstar Bluehair


Growing up, she had bright blue hair and bright blue eyes, the tip of her nose and parts of her mouth where pure blue, she wished to be cared for, and when she woke up, she was floating in space, in a galaxy some lightyears away, a blue star died and become gas around her, and it then stuck to her, forming a small star all around her except her head. She nows identifies as a solar system, and is okay with being called Her and Them.


She's extremely panicy, and always spaced out, and somehow, stars and galaxies are in her personality. Her persona is loner.


Our Solar System - They're good friends

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