Sumato Shizoka is the fifth OC of Jlmc12345678910.


He has silver hair covering his right eye, he also cyan eyes, he wears the default school uniform unless customized.




  • He walks into school.
  • He changes his shoes.
  • He sits down on one of the benches in the plaza and socializes with Haruko Shinozaki.
  • He than goes to class 3-1 during class time.
  • He sits alone on the rooftop and eats lunch.
  • He goes back to class during class time.
  • Finally he changes his shoes and leaves school at 4:00.


  • Is the boyfriend of Haruko Shinozaki he cares deeply about him.
  • He doesn't have many friends and is considered a bit of a loner, however he has Haruko to take his mind off that.
  • He had a small crush on Mai Shinozaki in middle school, Haruko and Mai aren't aware of this.
  • His apperance was inspired by Victor Nikiforov


May you please get me my notes? I forgot them in class 3-1 I need them for a test tomorrow.
— His task
I suppose it's alright...
— If you reject his task
Thanks, but take your time
— If you accept his task
Thank you very much!
— If you complete his task


Credit to Pumpkinhero2 for the base.

Kisekae Code

By me:



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