She is the hypothetical devil.

She is also made by EwImTrash.

Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation WIOA - Horniest Station in the Nation Reporter
Class She has no class.
Club Clubs were not in th budget.
Age This is a secret.
Persona Expensive
Crush Rescue 1
Strength expensive
Appears Unknown


she looks like all the money her owner spent buying her. With horns <3


Her horns make her horny a lot and then she watches Backyardigans and Dora the Explore.

she also eats turtle leg stew with hotsaice because hotsauce isn't hot just like her.


Things as expensive as Tablet need no backstory.

but she works for the horniest station in the nation


Rescue 1

Tablet is in love with Rescue 1 because he saved her from drowning in a porta potty.

Resucue 2

Tabket thinks Rescue 2 is hypothetical God. She has no opinion of Rescue 2.

Rescue 3

Rescue is a horny bitch just like tablet. They are friends.

WIOA - Horniest Station the Nation

Tablet is a WIOA Reporter. She is the hornets of them all.


Quotes were not in the budget.


They were in the budget so ask questions for Tablet in the comments.

Appearances, Friends and Moar!

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