Tatsu Ippongo
Tatsu Portrait
Student Info
Role Student
Occupation Baker (Owns Ranri bakery)
Class 1-2
Club None
Age 16
Persona Coward
Crush None
Strength Weak
Appears Week 1 onwards
Games Unknown
Voice Unknown
Tatsu is a student who owns a bakery, belonging to ImperialHeart. She isn't a fully developed OC, so expect minor changes and updates.

Please do not edit without permission.


Tatsu is an average sized girl with some proportions larger than she'd like them. She wears her blonde hair up in two low plaits, decorated with four red bands and a good amount of her fringe pinned to the back of her head with a chibi-fox head clip. She has bright purple eyes and is often mistaken for not being Ippongo, which is true to a certain point.

She wears the default uniform unless customized


Tatsu is a coward when faced with murder. She is very much a loner otherwise and hates being in large groups, especially considering her background; Living in an orphanage until she was almost three years old

She was adopted into the family at the sweet young age of two, one because Ms. Ippongo could no longer bear children, and two, she'd lost one of the twins she'd birthed two years prior and she didn't want her surviving child living to be the only female child. Tatsu isn't close to her siblings at her own accord because of this.

Tatsu would like to become the owner of a restaurant chain when older.


Classroom 1-2

Her classmates. She doesn't care much for their individual reputations but does care for them if they become suicidal wrecks because of their reputation.

The other Ippongos

Her adoptive family. They all care for eachother and eachothers pets. She isn't as close to her family members as they'd like.

All of the Ippongo pets

Loves them to bits and will look after them very well, despite Wayne and Garth (Erey's pets) constant tries to get into the batter of her goods to taste the batter (Though Wayne prefers to just mess the batter up by landing in it and ruffling his feathers.)

Hiro Akihito

She has met him before, and definitely has a questionable opinion on him, whether she likes him or not. She once forced him into wearing a bunny headband and bunny tail after he lost a bet.


  • Tatsu gets a 16 on the Mary Sue Litmus test.
  • She doesn't learn from most of her major mistakes.
  • ImperialHeart created her as a group thing with some friends, which is why she, Erey Ippongo and Sayaka Ippongo are sibling OCs from different people.
  • Her task involves finding a loose horned lizard around school, located in the maze.
  • She has declined an invitation to the cooking club before.
  • Tatsu's eyes are brighter than normal early in the morning due to morning tiredness.

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