Tora Miyazaki is Clare Gundersen's first OC. She is a female student attending Akademi High School. She is

sixteen years old and a sophmore in high school.


Tora Miyazaki was born December 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Miyazaki in Shisuta Town, Japan. Her family was poor and had a hard time raising her. She wanted to make her parents happy so she spent most of her free time studying. Because of this, she made straight A's in Elementary School and Middle School and therefore was able to go to prestigious Akademi High School. However, due to her spending most of her time on school, she never made any friends and therefore has become a loner. She doesn't hang around with other girls often, only when participating in the Drama Club. She has never told anyone this, but she would like to become an actress and move to Tokyo when she graduates.


Tora Miyazaki is a female highschool student. She has pale skin (similar to Yandere-chan's), long black hair, and dark green eyes. Her hair is very long, reaching down to her hips and straight, similar to Sakyu Basu's. She has long black eyelashes, similar to Musume's. She wears the default white uniform and only changes when blood or water is poured on her. She usually has a blank expression, similar to Yandere-chan's. Her bust size is 1, the smallest in the game. She wears the scarf that all of the Drama Club members wear. She sometimes is seen wearing white gloves and the tiger mask in Drama Club. However, when in class, she removes the gloves and tiger mask.


Tora is shy, worrisome, and cowardly. She is very introverted and doesn't like to talk with anyone. She usually is seen hanging her head, looking at her feet. If Yandere-chan tries to talk to her, she will look at her shyly and ask what she needs. She doesn't sit with anybody at lunch and sits by the fountain alone. She has a crush on Senpai but knows it's unlikely she'll have him. Because of this, unlike the other rivals, she will confess her love to Senpai much later than the others.


If Yandere-chan asks her for a task, she will tell Yandere-chan that she lost her tiger mask and needs it for drama. If Yandere-chan accepts the task she will thank her. If she declines, Tora will say that she understands. The tiger mask can be found outside near the bush where the Saki mindslave spawns. When you bring the mask back, she will thank you and you'll instantly befriend her.


Tora has the coward persona. After witnessing a murder, she panics and runs away. The next day, if Yandere-chan tries to talk to her, she'll scream and run way in fear. If Yandere-chan points the camera at her, she will scream and cover up her face. However, if Yandere-chan's in the photography club, she will just stand still.


"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'd like to ask a favor. You see, the Drama Club and I are planning a large production, and I'm playing the tiger-but-when I was outside-reciting my lines-I lost-my mask-and I really need it back! I can't find it anywhere! If the mask is gone, the play will be ruined and it will be all my fault! Could you please find the mask for me?"

-After asking for her task

"Really? You will? Thank you so much!"

-After accepting her task

"I-it's ok. I-I understand."

-After declining her task

"Thank you so much for helping me!"

-After completing her task

"Is that blood on you? Are you hurt?"

-After seeing Yandere-chan with blood on her uniform

"P-please don't kill me! I won't tell anyone! I promise!"

-After witnessing a murder

"I'm getting out of here!"

-After witnessing a murder

"Why are you carrying a weapon? You shouldn't have that at school..."

-After seeing Yandere-chan with a weapon

"Please stop! Y-you're scaring me!"

-After seeing Yandere-chan take a panty shot


  • Her birthday is the same as her creator's-December 6.
  • Her name means "Tiger" in Japanese.

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