Name Toriniti Myusha

Martial Arts







Toriniti Myusha is a student at Akademi High School, She was born after Senpai killed Yandere Chan because she killed his sister. 


7:00 am-7:20 am: She arrives at school

7:20 am-7:40 am: She is in room 3-1

7:40 am-12:40 pm: She goes to the computer room to help teach the lesson

12:40 pm-2:00 pm: She eats lunch on the roof

2:00 pm-3:33 pm: She goes to Martial Arts

3:33 pm-3:58 pm: She goes home


Toriniti Myusha was a viticm of abuse and everyone kept gossiping about her. She stopped the gossip by posting a message on the internet saying that she's upset. She fell in love with Senpai and everyone made memes of them. She developed depression and told the counselor on them and they got detention for a week. The reason why she eats lunch on the roof is because everyone makes fun of her. Toriniti's parents died when she was 10 after a car crash that made it all the way to the Supreme Court because the person who killed their parents weren't wearing their seatbeats and was drunk at the time. 


She loves cheese, she even married one.

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