Trash-chan is an OC based of EwImTrash, her creator.


Trash-chan has red hair with red contacts and blue, starred headphones. She seems small in pictures, but it 6ft in real life. Trash-chan wears a variety of clothes.


Trash-chan is cranky, stubborn, and awkward. She spends most of her time alone with her cats.


Trash-chan has the trashy persona. This is a mix of the Coward and Obsessive persona. If she sees someone murder someone they like, she will try to apprehend the murderer. If you kill someone she has no opinion on, she will act upon the coward persona.


Mr. Jazzy Feet

Trash-chan and Mr. Jazzy Feet are married, since she can legally marry. They met when he was introduced into Yandere Simulator as a turtle floating around in the Light Music Club. They adopted an egg in July of 2016, which hatched in the same month. They named the little turtle Fritz.


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