Tsukune Miki is an OC by Jlmc12345678910


Tsukune is male. He has light blue eyes with light brown hair and a constant blush, he wears the default school uniform unless customized.


  • He walks into school
  • He changes his shoes
  • He socializes with Aimi Miki until classtime.
  • He attends class
  • He has lunch with Aimi Miki
  • He attends class
  • He goes home with Aimi Miki


  • Is the older brother of Aimi Miki
  • Had 3rd stage lung cancer
  • He's one of the best artists in the art club
  • Plan on getting him and his sister Aimi out of their horrid house.
  • His father is abusive, despite this he remains cheerful.


Hello! um I forgot my paint brushes back at the art club! may you get them for me?
— His task
Really? thanks!
— If you accept his task
Oh.. that's alright!
— if you reject his task
Thank you so much for getting them for me!
— When you complete his task


To be added soon


Haruko Shinozaki: Doesn't know much of him, however he believes he does not deserve his sister, and questions how she could love him.

Aimi Miki: his sister.

Kisekae Code

None yet


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