Alright, so, I'm sure y'all like giving your OCs unique uniforms. Now, almost everyone here uses kisekae to make their OCs, and by extension, their custom uniforms.

So, I'm going to spare you all the work, and allow you to request me to make custom uniforms in kisekae!

I have one rule for requests: Please provide reference images for the kind of uniform you want me to make. Also, try to be specific about the colors if you can. Hex codes for the colors are preferred.

Anything else I ask you to do is not mandatory, but it is useful if you want accuracy!

Also, in case you are weary of my abilities, I have plenty of experience with outfits in Kisekae thanks to recreating Project DIVA modules. I've also recreated most of the uniforms in YanSim in kisekae.

Now, you may request uniforms! 0u0