You all know dreams. Those weird things that you think of in your sleep.

If you don't know what a dream is, get out.

But that will never happen.

Anyways, I wanted to share a weird dream I had last night.

I was at summer camp. There was the Cruz Cabin, Sanders Cabin, Clinton Cabin and Trump Cabin. Of course I was in Cruz Cabin. But he had to drop out. Each cabin was lead by their supporter. We were lead by Cruz. Trump Cabin was lead by Trump, etc. The exciting part was the end, so I'll skip to that. One Clinton supported went over to Trump and started trash talking him, so a Trump Supporter started shooting Clinton and her supporters. Once Obama finally calmed them down, everything went back to normal for a while. Then Hilary snapped. She pulled out a gun and started shooting everyone and everything, while I sat in a cage of bullet-proof glass and ate a corn dog, watching them. Hilary shot my cage and then I woke up.

The End!

What a nice story, right? :)

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