I just came home from vacation! Here, I'm going to write about it.

Day 1

We got to Florida in the evening, so we really only ate dinner and went to the pool. The resturant was the exciting part. When we were about to get our check, my cousin noticed a raccoon and a 2 stray cats behind the fence! Anthony started throwing chips and slushie at them. We named the raccoon Aaron (A-a-ron) and the cats Toby and Sam. Toby was rude. Darn you Toby.

Day 2 / 3 / 4

We went to the beach on these days. I tried avoiding the water as much as possible, but I went in for a spalsh every now and then. Now and then meaning when my baby sister ran away from our chairs and into the water. We didn't go to the same resturant where Aaron and Sam and Toby where. I also had my first oyster. It tasted like slime :>

Last Day

On this day, we rented bikes. We got one single bike, and a tandam bike with a baby seat on the back. I sat on the rear end of the tandam bike just to keep it even. We never got to ride the Merry-Go-Round though :< i cri everytiem

Then we went home. That was a great vacation. SO many things happened while I was gone. Thanks everyone for getting me to the rank of Helper! :D

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