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  • I live in the very far lands of unimportantville
  • I was born on June 26
  • I am a banana
  • GreenSister

    Here's the first ever, official build of Everyday Lovesick Simulator (Mainichi Aisuru Seikatsu simulator)

    So, to show off the features, I made a couple test videos.

    So, I added six schoolgirls but they look like straight up clones of Aisuru-chan.

    Should I fix that?

    Let me know in the comments.

    Hey, why are you still reading this? Go download the mod now!

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  • GreenSister

    This a new mod made by me. This the final state of killer simulator.

    Here are some pictures I did.

    The first one is a character design. I can't show the rest because they are the rival character designs.

    Now, to gameplay!

    The next picture is some students talking.

    The next is a person that stays on the rooftop (took place of midori gurin)

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  • GreenSister

    This was originally posted on the original fanon wiki, but no one saw it.

    Nothing that you saw was final. The final version of the mod will be a lot better.

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