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  • I live in nowhere in particular
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is being a good little cat who likes tuna a bit too much...
  • I am Kaga made
  • ImperialHeart

    "Oh?.. What's this?.." Ai picked up a small soft thing gently, cradling it in her arms. It looked to be an albino ferret. In the school's main building though? It moved. It certainly wasn't a toy then.

    So, without thinking, she took it to the martial arts club. It was spacious, a good spot to get to know the little one. "I'm Koki, Ai Koki! What's your name?" She asked, getting only a squeak in response. Ai pressed her nose against the ferret's little one, booping him with the signature "Chuu...", only to recieve the feeling of two happy ferret paws against her neck in a hug-like fashion. It was making happy ferret noises.

    Erey burst in, "Garth! There you are, lil' bud!" He shouted in his own cheery voice, "Mornin' Ai! I see Garth likes ya!"


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