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  • Jackboog21

    Bosenga's Very Bad Day

    November 29, 2016 by Jackboog21

    This is just a test fanfiction. In a way, it's kinda a followup to "Bosenga Days". I'm not really used to writing fan fiction. Tell me what you think below.

    Alarm clock: Beep...beep...beep...smash!

    Bosenga rises from her bed.

    Bosenga: *smack smack* Uhhh, I need some water...

    Bosenga stands up and instantly hits the floor with her face.

    Bosenga: Stupid floor...

    Bosenga manages to stand up and open her door to be greeted by Takashi.

    Takashi: Whoa! You okay?

    Bosenga blinks a few times slowly.

    Bosenga: Out of my way before I lock you up in a closet all day with duct tape over your mouth.

    Takashi: I'll take that as a yes.

    Bosenga walks into the kitchen as grabs a glass, then fills it with water.

    Yume: Oh, good morning Bosenga. Hey, you're fluent in English…

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  • Jackboog21

    This is a list of all Yandere Simulator 2D Hairstyles.

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