Kawaii Derp

aka Kawaii Derp

  • I live in California.
  • I was born on September 28
  • My occupation is a cross-dresser in training.
  • I am the most known banned person from the chat.
  • Kawaii Derp

    Everything went well in my head, but then I awoke to find my comrades being two faced bitches because they just signed up for admin, and then. The meninist came for me. They could never defeat my feminism, therefore. Among those that are of satan, bitches, sluts, whores, slut shamers, and that of Jackboog. Somehow I came into this community but then I realized that it would help me by doing~! 

    Everyone is a slut and I slay them all, and then like that, you know, kys. My heart conists of two sides, bitchy and nice.

    " Can I beat the men? " I asked to my  other self.

    I ask myself, you tell those bitchces I said, AHHHH~!

    I just insticivley slayed your ass. But I wanted to say nothing to you.

    Bitching. Fighting, Satching weaves. Calling out sluts.


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  • Kawaii Derp

    Hey gurl, open your wallet it's sugar daddy market.

    Were gonna steal his money.

    When your wife walks away. Is when I start to slay. She looks like a horse feed her hay.

    "Mom gueeess what? I am a slut. And I have a way nicer butt."

    I wont stay in the kitchen, all of you men listen, because of our fun I am having your so-o-on.

    Money money, give me your money. Don't call me derpy unless you got some money, everyone thinks that were married, little do they know, Jack's just my sugar daddy.

    Big house big house, let me in your big house. Quiet as a mouse when I steal your dead grandma's blouse.

    Everyone. Thinks that were married. Little do they know that Jack's just my sugar daddy.

    S-I-M-O-L-E-O-N-S Isn't it funny how I steal all of his money? S-I-M-O-L…

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  • Kawaii Derp


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