Everything went well in my head, but then I awoke to find my comrades being two faced bitches because they just signed up for admin, and then. The meninist came for me. They could never defeat my feminism, therefore. Among those that are of satan, bitches, sluts, whores, slut shamers, and that of Jackboog. Somehow I came into this community but then I realized that it would help me by doing~! 

Everyone is a slut and I slay them all, and then like that, you know, kys. My heart conists of two sides, bitchy and nice.

" Can I beat the men? " I asked to my  other self.

I ask myself, you tell those bitchces I said, AHHHH~!

I just insticivley slayed your ass. But I wanted to say nothing to you.

Bitching. Fighting, Satching weaves. Calling out sluts.

Getting sugar daddies here and there and left and right anyways anyhow anywho anyway.

It's time to snatch some weaves now!

Feel free to  get  slayed by me. Expanding my ban count.

Burst out by the strong yaoi. Life sized sex doll.

Slaying Mark forcefully. Reading Perimaru like it's no big deal.

Now you can be the next one, fall in love with Jackboog, With you, oh nope!

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