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    August 9, 2016 by Kitsune-xchan

    Not sure yet.

    But honestly this wiki is close to inactive. Not many roleplays, fourm is mostly dead, not much activity, etc etc etc.

    I might return when it's more active.

    I'm not talking about (posted 1 hour ago) inactive. That shit is fine.

    Oh god yes I KNOW people have jobs and life and shit like that. But chat is inactive 99.9% of the time, fourms ok but not great and there's not many roleplays if you dont count the ones that only last 1 day and shit

    Oh shit now I sound like a bitch who doesn't care people have lifes outside the internet (I do care about that)

    (and yes i know it only opened on july 11th 2016)

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  • Kitsune-xchan

    Just ask in the comments and I can make some kisekae for you.

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