• LenLawliet


    July 26, 2017 by LenLawliet

    The reason I have not been on as often as often is because I've been on alot of trips lately for vacation. And after school begins this upcoming fall, I shall be focusing on my classes more than anything. My grades will be my number one priority, above the wiki, my health, my love life, etc...

    So if I seem to leave for a weak or something, just know that I shall be busy with a real life situation. As well, my spirit has been a lot more positive since I took time off the wiki, so only once every week or so will be about how often I'll normally be on. I'll try to answer messages on my wall as soon as I can, which will either be during weekends or when I have completed all my assignments.

    The vacations I've been taking lately leave me in an are…

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  • LenLawliet


    July 1, 2017 by LenLawliet

    Alright, I'm only righting this because I need to get this off my chest, some things need to be cleared up, and I literally have nothing else on my plate right now.

    Many users, mostly from the fanon wiki see me as an abusive, manipulative asshole of whom as an ego problem. Some believe me to be violent and believe I only care about myself and no one else. I know I have made alot of enemies since I have joined the wiki and I personally don't understand, but at the same time I do. I know I have made alot of mistakes, acted out at times I should not have.

    There is ALOT of things that I should have done differently, and even I understand this. Believe me when I tell you that I am not a bad person, believe me when I tell you I'm not the bad guy y…

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  • LenLawliet


    June 30, 2017 by LenLawliet

    To the people of the wiki, I would like to apologize for my friend using my account the way she did the past 7 hours. I've changed my password so this will NOT happen again, and the issue is currently being looked into still.  The friend in question is the one with a Jesus complex, but that's besides the point.

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  • LenLawliet


    June 27, 2017 by LenLawliet

    Okay, this being accused of being a pedo thing needs to end. I know alot of users hate me and claim this is the reason, but I need to prove that these accusations are all false.

    To be a pedo, you need to have an attraction to children, something that I. Do. Not. Have. I've always disliked pedos and thought they were just gross, and I never wanted to even meet one, little alone see one. The fact I'm being accused of is kind of just a pathetic way of bringing hate in my direction, and frankly, I'm sick of it.

    Don't just comment saying that I'm a pedo because I dated minors, because that's only an excuse to call me by this name. I've never dated a child, nor have I ever touched one. Berry/Dylan, what ever he wants to be called was never someon…

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  • LenLawliet


    April 9, 2017 by LenLawliet

    So after coming back from vacation, after the fight over Sohaku, after all the drama filled events that have occured since I first signed onto wikia, I've decided I'm done with drama. I won't even comment anything that'll cause drama. I will act to end it however, because I'm honestly just sick of it all. The old days with zero drama and everyone was friends are the days I miss, but it seems those are just just the past.

    "You have to cross the line just to remember where it lays."

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