The reason I have not been on as often as often is because I've been on alot of trips lately for vacation. And after school begins this upcoming fall, I shall be focusing on my classes more than anything. My grades will be my number one priority, above the wiki, my health, my love life, etc...

So if I seem to leave for a weak or something, just know that I shall be busy with a real life situation. As well, my spirit has been a lot more positive since I took time off the wiki, so only once every week or so will be about how often I'll normally be on. I'll try to answer messages on my wall as soon as I can, which will either be during weekends or when I have completed all my assignments.

The vacations I've been taking lately leave me in an area where the only connection I have to the interweb is through data on my cellphone. A few weeks ago when I left the country, that wasn't even an option however. So until this fall, I have alot of things going on that hinder my ability to access the wiki. I'm sure that I could jump through hoops to log on, but through my past two years on this wiki an all the trouble wikia has brought me, I think I won't.

As for my OCs, I highly doubt anyone really cares about this part, but I do not think I shall be updating them very much on the wiki very much due to the previously stated reasons. However, when I do come on, I shall indeed clean them up before I start rewriting them. The "Seek & Find" game I have on my profile will probably NEVER be complete at the rate I'm at.

So to wrap this up, I've been on vacation and it's hindering my ability to access the wiki. I really don't feel like jumping through hoops, but I'll try to be on when I have free time. Then during the fall, I have school for awhile and won't be on during the weekdays. However, if you need any help, leave me a messageon my message wall, and I'll gladly help you out when I can.

Sighed; Your Head Discussion Moderator, LenLawliet.

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