I was sincerely hoping that my first blog post would be about something happy or amazing, but turns out it isn't.

So I watched the video of the newest build and people are losing their damn shit over it. It's a game about killing, brutality, and overall apathy, not love, fluff, and peace. The people complaining about the cat can neuter themselves. They are goddamn hypocrites. Seeing as they can apparently follow a game about killing minors and ruining people's love lives, killing a cat shouldn't be "HORRIBLE!! OMG YANDEREDEV YOU'RE A MONSTER! I'M NEVER PLAYING THIS GAME AGAIN!!!11!"


Now, while I also don't like the idea of killing an animal to hide a corpse, I'm not going to scream and cry about it like a fucking brat. If they don't like the idea of killing an animal, don't bury any corpses. If the idea of killing an animal disturbs you, but the idea of murdering people doesn't then maybe you should think about your life choices. The dev has implemented many more brutal things than killing animals so you really shouldn't be triggered by this. Especially since it's not your actual cat or dog. So why don't you get your common sense clothes on and grow the fuck up.

This blog post was not directed towards anyone reading this, I'm just ranting.

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