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    OC Art Requests!

    April 18, 2017 by Silentrosewhip

    Hey it's me, Oni, the disaster

    I know there's a lot of oc's on this wiki. like, a lot. and honestly there's many of them that are really well designed, or there's some that don't really have a lot in their gallery or whatever, and i'm in a constant state of boredom SO

    i'm opening up art requests here!!

    if you want me to draw your oc, just comment below with a picture and the name of your oc attached and i'll scribble something up!! i'll draw any number of oc's (as long as it's not a huge crowd. i can't draw all of you, your friend's, and your friend's cousins oc's or i'll die on the spot)


    • I draw nsfw!! however, if i dont really feel like drawing nsfw at the time I Wont Do It. If your character is underaged don't even bother as…
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