Hey it's me, Oni, the disaster

I know there's a lot of oc's on this wiki. like, a lot. and honestly there's many of them that are really well designed, or there's some that don't really have a lot in their gallery or whatever, and i'm in a constant state of boredom SO

i'm opening up art requests here!!

if you want me to draw your oc, just comment below with a picture and the name of your oc attached and i'll scribble something up!! i'll draw any number of oc's (as long as it's not a huge crowd. i can't draw all of you, your friend's, and your friend's cousins oc's or i'll die on the spot)


  • I draw nsfw!! however, if i dont really feel like drawing nsfw at the time I Wont Do It. If your character is underaged don't even bother asking.
  • Furries!! thats right folks i'll draw your rabbit girls, cat boys and lizard people for the low low price of Free
  • Fluff!! wanna see two cuties smooching or holding hands? maybe on a date? well are you in luck folks
  • Chibis/'cute-ified' version!!
  • Reference sheets (if you want a full turnaround please inform me!!)


  • I. Will. Not. Draw. Shota/lolicon. If your character is underaged you are NOT getting nsfw of the character. this includes aged-up designs as well. I will check.
  • Mecha/armor. I'm just not good at it hgfdskjhfghfja
  • Anthros

Most requests will only be busts unless specifically asked, such as a reference sheet or turnaround, or if you want a certain post. If you want specific detail, please tell me! I can't read minds you crazy kids


This character belongs to me!


If you want a more detailed image such as this, give me specific details! (Characters belong to me)

Here are some examples of my art! If you're interested, comment down below and I'll get to it as soon as I can!

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