Strawberry Imouto

aka Berru

  • I was born on August 21
  • I am gone!
  • Strawberry Imouto

    I'm leaving


    Mr Darcy is the only thing that can make me happy

    if I get banned for this I don't give a shit

    I'm done.

    Here are some shitty drawings I did in MS Paint, as well as this bullshit picture I photoshopped of YandereDev; it took me way longer than what it's worth.

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  • Strawberry Imouto

    so lik ive bean reely depresd latly becus liek" jack ate my economy, there is no Filthy Frank fan/fap coints Yet, I bled again and worst of all I just can't manage to die the way I want to. I wrote this in the middle of the night°❤️Strawberry Imouto (talk) 13:49, July 31, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Strawberry Imouto

    Please refer to the title if ye don't understand :>

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