I'm currently working on a public mod that features your OCs! I you want one of your OCs to be featured, then add them here with a picture of what they look like and their information (Name, personality, crush, and club. Reputation and additional information is optional) Only submit one OC! You will fill up the school if everyone adds more than one of their OCs

I will start with mine! (Superedstonic)


Tobaku Ota

Name Tobaku Ota
Reputation 10
Personality Sweet and friendly (or

social butterfly)

Crush Senpai
Club Gaming
Additional information She hangs out with her friends

most of the time. Her best friends

are Saki Miyu, Kokona Haruka,

Oka Ruto, and Osana Najimi. She

is Senpai's friend too. She claims

to have seen Info-chan in person,

but nobody is knows to be sure

wether it's true or not.

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