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  • I live in Anor Londo
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Buisness!
  • I am good at dark souls

    I think im going to make a party, and I want peoples input, and I wanna know if anyone wants to join!

    Here are our ideals/rules we want-

    1. Rules cannot be made by admins whenever they wish, but must be voted into existance through threads in which users may vote

    2. Warnings should not prevent any from voting, the only things that should prevent someone from voting is if they do not meet the requirements of edits/days on wiki, or they are banned.

    3. Banned users should have the absolute right to repeal their ban on their talk pages, and cannot have that right taken away unless they use their talk pages to spam/troll after ban.

    4. Admins MUST tell you what rule you broke, and show you how you broke it when they are warning you.

    5. Admins are the …

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    Feeling like you arent getting justice? Feeling as if the admins are using their power however they feel? Well contact THELEGENDGIANTDAD Law firm, because we are interested in your case!

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    other wise I will be banned

    all hail the Democratic Peoples Republic of Boogia

    There will be no speaking out

    There will be no discourse

    There will be no critisim of the power structure

    There will only be worship of the wonderful land boog has created

    All hail boog

    And remember

    Big Boog is watching you. Always be on your best behavior, children of boog.

    (And no, im not trying to get my right to vote anymore. I would get warned for spam if that was the case.)

    (And this blog post fits in with the rules on blog posts, it is related to the wikia.)All hail boog.

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    This is the day the even known as the Great Silencing began. Apon saying the old username of [REDACTED], The founder of the wiki [REDACTED] proceded to delete the comment saying the name. When saying the name again, the user was then blocked for [REDACTED] amount of time. This block was then extended. People tried to protest, however [REDACTED] silenced them and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. The user [REDACTED] proceded to say "Remember kids, if you say the word that starts with the letter [REDACTED] and ends with [REDACTED] you will be silenced. Such is life in the Democratic peoples of [REDACTED]ia." This comment was then silenced, and the thread it was in was closed.

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    Dark Stevie

    (Dark Stevie teleports onto stage. Crawling in my skin and the Death Note Opening 2 play at the same time.)


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