I think im going to make a party, and I want peoples input, and I wanna know if anyone wants to join!

Here are our ideals/rules we want-

1. Rules cannot be made by admins whenever they wish, but must be voted into existance through threads in which users may vote

2. Warnings should not prevent any from voting, the only things that should prevent someone from voting is if they do not meet the requirements of edits/days on wiki, or they are banned.

3. Banned users should have the absolute right to repeal their ban on their talk pages, and cannot have that right taken away unless they use their talk pages to spam/troll after ban.

4. Admins MUST tell you what rule you broke, and show you how you broke it when they are warning you.

5. Admins are the tools of the people, not the gods of them.

6. All users are equal.

7. If a user can show how they did not break a rule, their warning must get repealed.

8. Demotion threads are alike admins, they are the tools of the people, and they are the absolute right of the people to use when they feel as if an admin abuses their powers.

9. No one user holds dominion over other users- No gods, no kings, only users.

10. Admins are users who have to follow the rules. Admin powers can only be used to help the people.

These are the ideals and rules I would like that I could think of at the moment. Let me know if you have input, or wish to join.

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