This currency is currently WIP.

Please be aware the name and sole purpose belong to Jackboog21, as this is his idea, and was intended as a joke.

To become a user of Boog Bucks, you must complete and turn in a registration form. Please note that not all people will be accepted.

Boog Bucks

Money Systems

Boog Bucks

Disney Dollars

The Disney Dollars system works in an odd way. Unlike the other money systems, this has a public reward. For every ten Disney Dollars earned, you can schedule a Disney movie to be hosted by me. There are no limits on what the movie is, as long as it is Disney-related. You will also get to pick the time it starts, but it has to be a :00 time.

Vegas Cash

This is another odd system. To earn Vegas Cash, you play Now, here are the steps:

  • Click "Play"
  • Click "x2"
  • Play As You Wish

Now, heres the money earning part. After you complete the game, a screen will pop up giving you another slot. You will then press play, and you will get results. Here are what they equal:

  • Slotto Cash - 5
  • Cherries - 3
  • BAR - 2
  • Everything else is 1

To have these validated to your account, you must provide screenshot evidence.

Registration Form

  • Username:
  • Date Of Applying:
  • Joined YS Fan Wiki:
  • Reason Of Applying:
  • Staff? √/x

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