today i am in school and im gonna tell unthe worst things about school.

1:the certin teachers

there are two teachers i really don't like, mrs.peaster and mr.shoffner. they can go burn in hel.....i mean can have a lovley day...heh heh heh...

2:the homophobic aministraders.

I have a big group of friend and we are all girls with 3 or 4 guys guys r straight but are our friends, girls are lesbians we date each other.

3:the bullies

these are my least favorite out of the school. they bully me and my friends for being lesbians, so there for they can BURN IN FUCKING HELL........but other then that i hate them all.

and finally!!!!!

4:Last period

I have subsututes every 7th period and imma murder them all.......soryy the habit of saying that!! 

well byeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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