Ki Sakujo is Victim Chan in Antoninko's Fanon .


Her appearance is the same as the original , but with some improvements . She has Bright Yellow eyes and hair. Her hair is tied into twintails.


Ki is a Coward, so she will run away when she sees a murder . On the next day she will run away from you when she sees you.


7:00 - lockers

7:20 - goes to the gardening club

7:30 - talks with Witness-chan (still has no name yet)

8:00 - goes to class

12:00 - goes to gaming club

1:20 - goes to class

3:30 - goes to talk with Taro

5:00 - goes home


  • Her name means Yellow (Ki) Delete (Sakujo) .
  • Antoninko always loved the apperance of Ki Sajuto

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